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greatings every one :jester:

my name is Adam,

I am a computer programmer and i am extreamly interested in getting an octopus. next year when i finish university i am going into the games industry, to write games. :jester:
one of the first things i am going to do is to start to save up for an octopus. i am planning on spending about 2000 £'s to get a really amazing and HUGE tank set up. idealy i would like to bread octopus, but i thought it best to start out with just keeping one.
after much trawling (no pun intened) of the net i have found a few good site to buy supplys online and a wealth of information on settin up and maintaining a tank and keeping octopus.

I have unfortuenetly however not found anywere online where i can buy an octopus in the UK or get a very larg tank i am looking for about 700lts+
if any one can help me out, especialy if you live in the UK i would really appriciate it :notworth:

Adam :jester: (btw the jester is so cool !!)


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Hi and welcome to! :welcome:
We do have people in the U.K. who may be able to help you.
Glad you find the site interesting.


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