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Hello guys and gals, names alex just thought i'd introduce myself here, been looking to get an octopus for about 6 months now, pets that i have of my own are an axanthic ball python and a savannah monitor. im more into the not so common pets. I just think pit bulls and cats and dogs in general are a bit overrated there can be so many more animals out there that can show you the love i know how much TLC they need, my monitor is in a 50 gallon tank but need to custom make a larger tank, and i was thinking of just cleaning that tank pretty good and setting it up for an octo. any concerns about this. i know i need to get my self situated with saltwater animals. i dont plan on getting an octo in the nexxt month or 2, i just want to have all the info so when i do decided to get him/her i know what to expect


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Sadly, the tank is one of the less expensive parts of the set up. First you will need to be sure that the tank was designed as an aquarium and not for reptiles as the glass is usually thinner on a dry cage and will not withstand the water pressure in a 50 gallon tank. Before you begin, you are correct that you will need to introduce yourself to keeping a saltwater tank and the biologics that accompany keeping one. Marine tanks cannot be established quickly and keeping an octopus is as much about keeping the habitat as it is the animal. They have a very short natural life span so creating and keeping a habitat is paramount to success for not only your first animal but for all animals you will keep. For a new marine tank keeper, a year of growing and maintaining your first tank is a reasonable expectation before acquiring your first cephalopod.

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