Non:Ceph: Sub Video of 5m long Sixgill Shark



You've got to wonder how cool it would be to be 1000m below the surface and have this shark that's longer than your sub nosing around you.

What's the deal with sixgill sharks and cephs? Wikipedia entry does not suggest much interaction. Is something as big as this shark also a potential predator/scavenger of the big squids, the way the sleeper shark is?


Colossal Squid
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Cool, thanks for posting.

this says they eat cephalopods, among other things:

The lasers are *exactly* what I thought the History Channel "crazy big Humboldt squid" show should have used as a scale reference... I wonder how far apart the two lasers are?

don't cross the beams!


Sepia elegans
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I do not have to wonder how cool it would be... It would be awesomely, terrificly, excitingly. Obviously, real words cannot even describe how that would be.

It is so great that the government portions out so much money to investigating 75% of the earth and not all of it goes into outer space...:bonk:



Colossal Squid
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Let alone the hundredfold of that, which we spend on marketing household detergents...

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