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No Longer Lurking, Time To Say Hi


Blue Ring
Dec 20, 2013
I've been lurking and reading for about 9 months now ,and have found a wealth of information.
My name in Kat and I'm from Illinois farm country. When my four sons grew up and moved out I decided I needed a hobby, and saltwater had become my passion. I belong to an awesome Pred forum and some of the members there are also members here ,that's how I found you.
I have seven tanks running now with one more waiting to "go live". Most of my tanks hold lions and scorpion fish , but I also keep seahorses and a few peaceful fish. I started with a dwarf octopus ,but I'm pretty sure it was an adult when it came to me ,and it only live 2 months. I now have what is suppose to be an O. vulgaris , and figuring that out will be half the fun !
Let me just say thank you for all the help you have already provided ,I'm sure I will have many more questions.


Staff member
May 30, 2000
8 tanks, cool! Glad to have you on TONMO, Kat. :welcome:


Staff member
Sep 4, 2006
Gainesville, GA
:cuttlehi: Kat!
Can I get you to edit your profile and add your location? You can put as much or as little as you want to provide but it helps a lot with letting members know who is close by, what time of day someone may be on and able to respond and for sourcing foods etc.

Love the mystery behind Ollie! We know mail order octos (most common acquisition method) are a box of chocolates but this one is particularly interesting because it is Diver's Den (WI) AND Indonesian. Most of the DD animals are Caribbean so I can only speculate that someone IDed this as "different" from the typical animals that come in through CA and sent it on to the WI facility. We have never seen a vulgaris from Indonesia but they are the most common species (with subtle variations) around the world so it is certainly possible OR it could be a yet to be named species :grin:. Fun Stuff!

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