[News]: Squid star of Freaky Fish show - New Zealand Herald


... Dr Steve O'Shea supplied the specimen for display. "I live, eat and breathe squid," he said.
I can attest that this statement, in it's entirety, is true.

What is hoped to be gained by storing the squid in cold sea water instead of alcohol? Less shrinkage and/or breakage over time? And is the name some subtle homage to Jason, and his previous work at Kelly's? :wink:

Looks like a pretty cool exhibit. And the visitors are lucky to have an expert on staff, every now-and-then that is.



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I believe the brine solution had two advantages - one is that they didn't have to worry about having a high volume of flammable, noxious preservative in a public area, and the other is that they are thinking they might use that tank for something live in the future, so this way they don't have to worry about chemicals leaching into the acrylic. Just 2.5 tonnes of salt. :shock:

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