New Tonmo members !


It sure is great to see so many new names up on the boards, and to know that many more are joining to learn more about cephalopods and the human experience with them.

With all of this, though, a few words of advice: Please be sure to read the carefully researched and written articles by the Tonmo staff prior to posting a thread like "how big of a tank does a bimac need", etc...many of the thread questions popping up lately are all covered by the excellent articles available.
Also, remember to keep the messages polite and free from non-p.c. verbage.

thanks !



Yep, those are the articles, I don't think there are others lying around. Also, if there are topics not addressed in the articles or you have a question, chances are, someone has already asked the same thing. Use the search feature to look back on old threads, many of those are filled with lots of info and occasionally downright silliness!! :grin:

From there on, feel free to ask us and we'll do our best to help !! :smile:

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