New to Hoby, LR in tank as of 30 min ago... and ...


May 25, 2004
Anyone clicking here to yell at me: I know that I shouldn't get an ceph when I'm just starting, and I'm horrified at the idea of cycling with an Ceph in the tank... but..

It was an hitchhiker!!!! =P

I am just starting, This is my first tank..

Today I drove back home from Tampa with some Tampa Bay Saltwater live rock to start my tank with and as I'm placing the rock in my tank I find a tiny octopus left the bag.

My first thought is that it's so small it might be sucked into the powerhead and also that I need to have it out of the tank till after the cycle anyway, so I moved it from the tank into a small 1.5 gallon tank with a few inches of water and a live rock in it.

It is a little larger than a pea when it curls it arms around it's body, and the "head" looks about the size of a pea when it's uncurled.

Currently it's in a small tank with about 4 inches of water and a small piece of live rock. I have a piece of saran wrap over the top of the tank in hopes of preventing escape. No bubbler or anything yet.

At this point I'm at a loss as to what is best to do, and till I get some sleep, I cant think any more.

1) Anything I should know about right away?

2) Should I place him back in the tank after the LR cycles?

3) Is there any way to tell if he is a baby or a miniature octi?



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Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
Hi David,

Welcome to! So you had a hitchhiker in your live rock!

This is a very small octo, must be a young octopus whatever the species.
Your big concerns will be to provide it with an environment it can live in and to provide food.

It's very small, so it won't create too much waste, but it does need well oxygenated water. It's probably going to eventually need more water than 4 inches. Ideally you'd have some sort of filter system in the octo tank. Right now maybe you'll have to do a lot of water changes.

When you eventually put it in the aquarium, you can protect a young octo from a powerhead by covering the intake with mesh (like the mesh bags fruit sometimes comes in) or even the loosly woven bags used for carbon.

It also needs food, even several times a day. Can you get amphipods? Mysid shrimp? Octopets sells them amphipods, but if you don't have any, maybe your local LFS can help. Also try tiny pieces of shrimp, fresh or thawed frozen raw shrimp. You'll have to experiment here. Good that it's in a smaller container - this should make feeding easier.

Probably the least stressful thing to do is return the tiny octo to the sea, or ask your LFS if they can keep it for a bit. But then, maybe it has a better chance with you!



May 25, 2004
Thank you Nancy...

After a lot of thought I have decided to pass the little guy to another reefer, because I just don't have the time/money to give him the care he needs and take care of my 10 gallon nano reef, at least at this stage in my reef experience

I am hooked on Cephalopod's now though =( ...

Now I need to start saving for a new larger tank to set one up in!! (who needs a house anyway!) =)


TONMO Supporter
Nov 14, 2002
Welcome to TONMO,

sounds like you are doing the right thing this time. BUT if you work at it and set up a tank for cephs you'll love it!!!

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