New to cuttlefish - tank setup question


Hey all. Love the site. Great info, and everyone here seems more interested in education than flaming newbies.

Anyways, I've kept saltwater fish for a while. I have a 265 gallon FO, and just moved my smooth hound sharks from their 100 gallon tank to a 2000 gallon shark tank. Which has left me with a fully cycled, temperate tank, fully equipped with over-the-top filtration (500 gph protein skimmer, UV filter, 800 gph canister filter, and 1/2 hp chiller). About ~120 lbs of live rock. I was thinking of getting an octopus, but cuttlefish seem far more interesting, and less likely to attempt escape.

Been reading the site like a madman - any suggestions on species? Obviously love the flamboyant cuttlefish, but open to suggestions.


Colossal Squid
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Pretty much the only species available in the states to non educational/public institutions are Sepia bandensis, and its best to raise them from eggs. That way you get the longest lifespan, and you don't have to deal with the dying of adults in shipping.

Flamboyants are neat, but not practical. The only ones coming into the US at all for public consumption are adult males with only a few months to live and those only come in once in a great while. Just not worth it at this time IMO.

The best place to get any of these animals is on TONMO, check the availability threads.


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