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Discussion in 'Octopus Care' started by herper_josh, Nov 13, 2003.

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    Nov 13, 2003
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    I am interested in keeping an octo. I have a 55 gal tank and a seaclone protein skimmer. I am going to get a canister filter and a hang on filter. I will be using Southdown play sand as a substrate. I just wanted to know what other things are needed in keeping an octo bimac. Filter suggestions, tankmates, ways of aquascaping. Any info needed in keeping one healthy and happy is appreciated.
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    Hi Josh,


    Welcome to!

    There are a couple of articles under Ceph Care that will answer some of your questions. Go to

    and read the Checklist and the Equipment List.

    You're well on your way with a 55 gallon tank - we now think that 30 gallons is too small for an adult bimac to be comfortable in.

    I discovered that my bimac, when she became large enough, had her own ideas about aquascaping, and changed what I started with considerably. But you will need good pieces of live rock, various sizes and shapes.

    You need to determine where you will get the food for your bimac - it's easier for people who live near the coast to keep a supply of live food. Otherwise, what does your fish market offer?

    Anyway, those are some things to start with. Read both articles and come back with more questions!

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    Hi and :welcome: to Josh!!

    You got a good start with a 55gal and the protein skimmer :) Various filter media maybe used, but I suggest also putting activated carbon to help if the octopus inks.

    Quite a few people at have serpent stars as tankmates, but make sure the star isn't too big or the octo might get scared. Do not get aggressive tankmates like damsels as they will annoy octos and prevent it from coming out.

    Don't be shy to ask if you have any other questions

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