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For those of you interested in reading some of the thesis research that has come from AUT in the last couple of years, on whale diet (many of the threads in this forum have lead to these theses), I have attached the following two links.

Be warned ... large files!!

Sperm Whale diet; scroll down for pdf access.

Pygmy Sperm Whale diet (how frustrating; I cannot find this myself; let me post the link later)


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Excellent! Thanks for sharing -- I'll load this up into my ebook!

Looks like a great paper -- and the best use of 3-d charts I've seen. :notworth:


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this is a very interesting analysis.

To my knowledge quartering is allways used in France to avoid that type of effects.

If the whale is small, quartering is made after taking away the creature's body. If the whale is too big, quartering is made on site. Of course Scientists take samples to studie death raisons.

I remember of a right whale skeleton exposed at a town city garden of a very small coastal town ( Luc sur Mer)

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