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New Tank....


Colossal Squid
Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
I have had my eye on this 40 gallon high tank with a glass canopy and light for over a month. I have purposely stayed out of the LPS as I did not want to spend $110 right now which was marked down from $150. Today I was on lunch from a seminar and walked in the store, and the tank was still there. I heard another woman say she was bringing her husband back to look at it, and said to myself, I want this tank and took the tag to the cashier. Now here's the great part.....When they scanned the tag it came up as $37.00. They scanned it again and the same price came up! I was floored! So....this afternoon I spent rearranging my bedroom. I'm waiting for Kevin to come home to bring it inside. NOw the question is....do I do it salt???? Or do I go for Fresh????? On the one hand I have a huge calico/black moor that has lived in a 10gallon for a year and would love this 40 gallon, plus I could add a black ghost which I absolutely love. BUT........If I go for salt....You all know where I'm going with this now don't you????? :smile:

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