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New pix of Sabastian Please help ID


O. vulgaris
Apr 27, 2007
I finally got a good picture of my new octopus. Could someone please help me ID? He is about 7 inches long from tip of mantle to tip of arm. He seems to be out more in the night but he is starting to come out during the day. He is very shy. Once I caught him on the bottom sand and he quickly transformed to a piece of alge, complete with swaying with the water flow.

I have (live) fiddlers, crayfish, snails and hermit crabs for him to eat. How much am I suppose to feed him in a day? Do I leave extra snails and hermit crabs in the tank?



Sepia elegans
Staff member
Feb 1, 2007
Des Moines, Iowa

I will get back to you in a bit about the identification... As far as feedings go, daily feedings should suffice; but once you get a feel for the animal's appetite and the amount of bio-load the system can hold you may want to vary your feedings. If you would like to leave other prey items in the tank that should also work out well. Just do not add too many all at once. I have observed a 'tank mate' occurrence in both cuttlefish and octopus with supposed prey items; the food items do not get eaten and they remain in the tank to either harrass the predator or add to the bio-load placed on the system. Octopus are less likely to be involved in this behavior but it is a possibility. Additionally, the live food will only aid in the welfare of the animal by allowing natural hunting and feeding behaviors to occur.



Blue Ring
May 4, 2007
he really looks like aculeatus expecially the way me mimics algae, thats what I got for liveaquaria..
hope this helps.

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