new pet octo!: continuation.


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tommorow i am purchasing my Biocube.
now, this is my list:

Day 1:
Biocube (of course)
argonite live sand
r/o water
ammonia, Nitrate, Nitrite, Copper test kits

Day 2:
Live Rock

Sea Urchin,
Octopus Mercatoris

one question though,
what PH do you need for an octopus?
and do i need anything else?
(do not say Protein Skimmer.)

i'm hoping Nancy can help me on this one!:wink:


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If you're buying a new Biocube, you don't really need a copper test kit, but you do need some way to measure the pH - a pH tester or monitor.

These are recommended water parameters:
Salinity 1.024 -1.026
pH 8.2-8.4
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate < 25 ppm

You'll need some buffer to raise the pH level and to buffer top off water.

And what about a cleaning sponge or algae scraper for the glass?

Ask your LFS for some empty large (5 gallon) salt buckets. You'll need at least 2 for water changes. A 5-gallon jug for storing salt water for emergencies is good, too. A one gallon jug (empty spring or distilled water jug) is good for top off water (RO/DI, plus buffer to raise pH).

Fortunately, you'll have some time to see what else you need before you get your octopus.



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well today i set up my biocube with crushed coral
(i wanted argonite.)

we have to get a power-strip and redo electrical wires.

but we will fill the tank up tommorow,

get live rock the next day maybe,
and then i will wait for my octopus:squidwar:


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the tank has been filled for about 2 1/2 days.

today we put in the live rock.
the PH is too high, but settling, its actually at 8.5 now.
salinity is perfect.

but the tank hasn't started cycling yet...

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