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New Octopus


Larval Mass
Jul 18, 2004
This is my first time posting. I am rather new to octopus care. I am on my third octopus. The 1st one escaped his tank a couple months after I caught him and the 2nd died when we were our power was out from hurricane Frances for 9 days.
Each one has been slightly different ( I do not know how to Idenify the species) I think the one I have now is a Caribbean reef octopus. I caught him at night on a reef. He does not come out as much as the other 2 and does not seem to eat as much variety either. He shares the tank with two ghost shrimp, 3 pipe fish, a beaugregory, a few small hermit crabs and a few different snails. The only thing he seems to eat are larger hermit crabs and a variety of crabs I catch at the beach.


TONMO Supporter
Nov 14, 2002
Hi tobius, welcoem to TONMO.com :)

Do you have any pics of your octopus that you could post here? It can help with ID...

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