New octo Sighting????!!!!!!


Well, I had all but given up hope on the little ones in the tank. I haven't seen anything in so long,,,,,,,until last night :D The heater had come loose from the back glass so i reached in to replace it when up from behind a rock a very small tenticle reached up :bonk: Scared me to death, I wasnt expecting anythng to reach up at me.

Thats all I saw was the tenticle, but what a find!!!!! I called Alicia right away to let her know the news, just goes to show they have been living on the amphs in the tank. Hmmmmm wonder if that is the only one :|



Colossal Squid
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That's wonderful news!!! :D

Hey Nancy......You never know.......Maybe ones still lurking for you too!!!

Keeping my fingers crossed!!!!


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