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Colossal Squid
Hi all,

just wanted to let you all know that I have started a new job as a countryside ranger in Strathclyde park in Central Scotland... I have been there three days and the job seems really good!

heres a link here to the park...
Strathclyde Country Park

here's a link to what i actually do...
Strathclyde Country Park : Countryside Ranger Service
hehe will need to post pics of my big bright yellow land rover :)

anyway, apologies if I dont get round to posting and replying to threads as quickly as normal...



Colossal Squid
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Hi Colin!

Congrats on the new job!!! Looks like a beautiful place!!! Post more pictures!!! Sometimes, I think I should be in a park instead of a dreary office!!! Although my desk and wall looks like something out of a jungle!!!

Working just a bit too far south

. . . to convince us that the Loch Ness Monster is just a Big Friendly Cephalopod (BFC).

:squid:? :meso: ? :ammonite: ?

[Re Loch Ness:-- Many years ago I was told by someone that their son(s?) were paddling a red (or was it yellow?) canoe near the castle when they decided they were not the only things in the water, and on the shore was the place to be!]


Colossal Squid
that one would need better explaining before i end up just being called a t**


anyway, i'll stick with this job for a while then get a talking TransAm and release songs that make number one in germany and eastern european countries....

did i ever tell you all that if you shaved my chest you could use the hair to knit a lifesized llama?


Colin said:
that one would need better explaining before i end up just being called a t**
Dunlopoteuthis mammarideus roughly translates to "Dunlop's squid with big boobs," and was a provisional ID for your co-stars.

Now, Colin, where's that talking Range Rover? Don't make me get creative.



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