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Hi my name is Craig I am a first time TONMO poster but long time ceph enthusiast. I am right now doing a class in invertebrate zoology and my class got to choose a topic they would like to learn more on...I obviously chose cephs, more precisely on body patterning in octopi. I have to do a mock research proposal where I have to pick an experiment that I would like to do that hasn't been done yet...unfortunately I am stumped:confused:. So if anyone has any ideas feel free to help out.

PS - If the question thing should be re-issued in a different area just let me know and I'll change it. Thanks!


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:welcome: Sorry I can't be any help with your question, but I'm sure we have a lot of people who can be. You've certainly come to the right place. :grin:


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You might try posting under Octopus care with a title of "research proposal - octopus patterning" and a question mark icon. TONMO has an active scientific/research group who are more likely to see your question under another heading with a clear topic.

You may want to consider if your "research" will be emotive or camouflage based to give it a beginning direction.


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whatup chejjjj! (Seems like that username is worthy of a prepended "whatup"). Welcome to! :cuttlehi:


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yes I have, I just finished writing a 10 page overview of all aspects of known Cephalopod body patterning, mostly on chromatophores. But from the articles I read the only things that I could find that weren't done that were obvious was how do new chromatophoeres innervate. And I have no idea how to even go about doing something like that...looking more so along the lines of camouflage body patterning or adaptive body patterning

I took dwhatley advice from above and made a new topic for this in Octopus care for any further discussion

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