New Cephalopod Culture (aka Husbandry) Book


Sepia elegans
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Good Morning Everyone,

Finally got an update that the Cephalopod Culture Book will be out soon! Should be out by the end of April. The link is below:

It's certainly a bit on the pricey side... But I would imagine the individual chapters will probably be available through some online source at some point. It covers all cephalopods with a large focus on the coleoids (octopus, squid, and cuttlefish) and one nice little chapter on nautiluses by yours truly and my adviser, Dr. Jennifer Basil.

I think this is going on a year and a half from the start of writing our chapter to the completion of the entire book. Not too bad with so many people involved!

Let me know if anyone has any questions!



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WANT but cannot do the $229 price so, like my Cephalopods, A World Guide, I will have to watch for a used copy. Much harder to find when not offered through a mainstream publisher though.


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Greg, congratulations on contributing to this book. Springer is a very respectable publisher - impressive!

Maybe our members have not checked the price of ceph books recently, especially out of print ones. I've spent a lot on books trying to assemble a good library. So the price of this book is not so out of line.


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