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Rick Weiss

Larval Mass

I have been upgrading my Biocube 29, it has been running for around 6 years now with a few coral and a variety of fish. It was my first salt water tank and after a few early crashes due to equipment issues it has been running strong for a while. Looking at adding more coral and realized it isn't that exciting to me. I found S Bandensis eggs on a couple sites. I had previously looked at them but it was years ago when data was far more limited.

I will probably be posting some questions over in the cuttlefish forum, and it looks like one of the moderators lives not far from me and can probably help with local information.

Looks like this site has a ton of good information. Look forward to any help I can get.


Welcome and enjoy. Sounds like a great system. I am sure you know this but want to make sure. No fish with cuttles. I could be wrong but I think its the same rule as octos. I have never had them but they sure look cool.


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Since cuttlefish don't crawl, you can have a greater variety of corals in the same tank but we still recommend low/no sting animals like leathers, mushrooms and xenia.

As @sirreal mentions, cephs are all pretty much a species only tank when it comes to other mobile animals. Here is a list of inverts that we have found to be ceph safe (avoiding both predator and prey situations). The one exception would be the peppermint shrimp. These won't harm the cuttles but would be an expensive meal.

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