Netting hole size for Mysid shrimp?


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Looking to culture some mysis(mysid). Looking at extruded rigid netting but don't know what size hole I should use to keep adults in and young out? Anyone know what size would be best?



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There is a nice reference given by Mike Bauer in this thread to an article in Advanced Aquarist that is likely worth reading. About half through the article he mentions the net sizing you are looking for:
The air-lift tube should be sheathed with plankton netting or nylon screen with a mesh size (800 microns) that will restrain the adults while allowing the larvae to pass through unimpeded. Likewise, the end of the siphon tube should be covered with 500 mM plankton netting that will allow newly-hatched brine shrimp to pass through but not the juvenile mysids

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