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Needed information


Larval Mass
Jun 23, 2004
So i've been doing research on octopus and saltwater aquariums for a little while. I've talked to people saying an cotopus is not a good beginner "animal" for a saltwater aquairum, but i figure since this will be my first Saltwater aquarium, i could set it up for an octopus and keep fish such as damsels in there for the "cycling of a tank" and keep them for about 3 months. Then if i think my tank is stable i could get an octopus. I am curious to which type of equipment do i need for an octopus aquarium? I live in New York, what type of food should i feed my octopus? What species should i get for a 75 gallon aquarium? Is it NOT POSSIBLE to have more than 1 per tank? any help would be appreciated, thank you...


TONMO Supporter
Mar 15, 2003
Welcome! if you click on the Ceph Care button just next to the Home button at the top of the Tonmo browser, you can read several articles about octos...good luck !


O. bimaculoides
Feb 25, 2004
Get some live rock (or good base rock), and the collect some little creatures rom the ocean to populate the tank. Stick with small (dime sized) creatures and design your tank with the thought that it will be for an octopus and everything in it will be food. You'll find that live rock with small shrimps and stuff will be fairly interesting. And give your tank more than just one species. I have a couple humpbacked shrimps and a coral banded shrimp living in my aquarium.

Something that I think could be borderline illegal would be to get some really good porous base rock, put it in a net or cage and lower it into the ocean. If you leave it for a month stuff will grow on it, animals will inhabit it. I've never tried this, but I bet it would work and give you a large variety fairly quickly.

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