Need to name for journal - O. briareus


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Just picked up this litte beauty from KP Aquatics. They are a very nice and dedicated couple that really love their work. I would highly recommend them. Really amazing Live Rock as well!

They said octopus briareus, but the two distinct green dots? Just want to confirm.




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Philipp and Kara are getting pretty good (with some coaching :wink: but mostly because they take an interest in what they do) with their ID's. O. briareus is the easiest to ID and the green is one of the diagnostic traits. This is a VERY young animal (only a couple of months old at the most). I would guess that it is roughly the same age as Onn. The give away to its youth is the strength of the blue around the eyes. It is too early yet to identify the sex (sexual maturity is somewhere around 5 months I think).

It will be awhile before you see much of it. IME, they take stick food easily even at this age but you have to find them and wake them up. Sourcing some live crabs to put in the tank when you can't find it is recommended.

No jerking your hands when you try to interact :grin:. I know this is hard to do and, on occasion I will react instinctively when one of mine sneaks up on me while cleaning. At this age you would not even feel a bite but in truth we have only had one nip from this species and that was most likely because the keeper was hand feeding and the finger was mistaken for food. That does not mean you should allow your fingers to be dragged to the mouth area but this is easily avoidable if you don't panic. You won't really see voluntary interaction without food for many months yet. You have fear of it dieing and many nights of hunting in front of you :grin:


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Welcome to your new addition! I've Facebooked -> Tweeted and put it on the homepage slideshow. Thanks for sharing!

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