need info for the sake of an octo(s)

Discussion in 'Octopus Care' started by KMAN, Oct 26, 2004.

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    (this may sound familiar) I work at an aquarium in so cal and we just got done attempting to raise a planktonic species of octo from egg... unsuccesful though they lived a week and a half. but any ways we just got in two medium sized bimacs and they were going to be put on display but me and some friends who work with octos convinced "the boss man" to let us work with them and we found out that we had a male and a female... so we are going to try and breed them since they are benthic hatching... so what i need to noe is everything, female readiness patterns, signs of breedability, food ideas for the babies, and anything else even if you dont think its relevent(taking everything and anything even if just interesting knowledge)
    P.S. they are in a large divided tank on a flowthrough system directly from the ocean... divider has small holes for flow.
    P.P.S. did this so that they could get used to eachother and ive also heard of octos breeding through holes
    thanx again
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    You could do worse than to contact Octopets...I am sure that they would be forthcoming with info...good luck!

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