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Need Help!!!!


Dec 30, 2005
hey Guys,

im doing a research report in biology on octopus and I need a specific name other than 'color cells' in the octopuses skin that allows them to change its pigment instantly. I have been searching EVERYWHERE and can't find anything...

does anybody know what it is???



TONMO Supporter
Staff member
Mar 8, 2004
marineboy;79599 said:
Ok, thank you :)
There are some secondary cell types that impact coloration, too, in case it helps:

Leucophores are white cells that make the skin lighter when the chromatophores aren't expanded.

Iridophores give an iridescent sheen, and change the polarization of light. I know cuttlefish have some active control over the polarization that they use for camoflauge and communication, but I'm not sure if any octopuses do this. Hanlon & Messenger mention "Reflector Cells" that are "known only in octopuses and reflect mainly blue or green" as well.

Photophores are organs that actually produce light, which is common in deep water cephs, both for signaling and counter-illumnation (so that they don't show up as a dark silhouette when seen from below)

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