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    I just moved to South Korea and wanted to setup an aquarium because I had a few at home. I decided that I wanted to setup a salt water aquarium. They have aquariums on the street and keep live octopuses in them that they are going to eat, so I bought one of them. Can anyone tell me what type it is so I can care for it better.

    Thank you to anyone that can help

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    I can't help with an id but wanted to welcome you. We have tried Korean restaurants here to see if they had live octos but all we can find are frozen.

    The white spot on the mantle worries me a little as it looks (from the photo) much like the spot Octane showed when he was exposed to air too long (he escaped his tank when I left the top open). Octane was ageing and did not recover but a younger octo may have survived the exposure and it may not be at all the same thing. Watch for infection and any kind of smell that would indicate deteriorating skin. Octane ate his arms after the incident and if your's does not, I would expect it is either not the case of is recovering.

    This will be our first rescue from the food industry and I would invite you to journal the experience and share the results. Even if it does not survive and you try another it would be an excellent addition to our growing information base.
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    Ok, more pictures would sure help to see the range of coloration. Also what would help is an idea of what arms are the shortest and longest (an arm formula like 1

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