Nectocaris -- to the tune of "Six Wise Men of Hindustan"

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    There were six fossil scientists
    To early life inclined
    Who saw a Nectocaris
    They recently did find
    That each by speculation
    Might guess the creature’s kind

    The first approached this fossil form
    And happening to see
    Some little ray-like fin parts
    Cried out in sudden glee
    “This wondrous Nectocaris
    Looks like ‘early fish’ to me!”

    The second, peering in the front
    Cried, “Well, what I confirm
    This forward section, round and blunt
    With segments that can squirm—
    This marvelous Nectocaris
    Is very like a worm!”

    The third took the Precambrian rock
    And happening to find
    Some hint of thicker structure
    Down the body thus aligned
    “I see,” quoth he, “This Necto’
    Is early-chordate spined!”

    The fourth looked at the thorax
    Which seemed anything but limp
    “What this primeval creature was
    Is obvious to a chimp!
    ‘Tis clear that Nectocaris
    Is very like a shrimp!”

    The fifth was writer Steven Gould
    Who wrote in Wondrous Life
    And gathered all the evidence
    From all the prior strife
    And sorted it and sliced it
    With his metaphoric knife

    But now we see what had been
    One example—mostly hid
    Is joined by ninety others
    With new thoughts put up for bid
    “We say,” the new consensus goes,
    “It’s very like a squid!”

    So all these paleontologists
    Still argue and they wail
    Each strong in his opinion
    On this beast from Burgess Shale
    ‘Till one said “If he’s squid-like,
    Why’s his anus in his tail?”
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