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hello all, does anybody know how big of a tank you would need for a nautilus. I would like to have maybe two or three nautilus in the same tank and I know that just one of them need a fairly large aquarium. Also what are some possible tankmates for the nautilus? Thanks.


Sepia elegans
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Short answer, BIG TANK.

Long answer, big tank plus big filtration plus chilling unit plus...

Not sure if this is for the hobby or public aquarium, but in either case, are you aware of the new regulations regarding the export of nautiluses? Recent conservation initiatives have resulted in the first regulation of nautilus trade so exporting nautiluses now requires certain things. The primary requirement is that any country wishing to export nautiluses (live, dead, shell, jewelry, etc.) must supply additional paperwork showing that the export does not impact wild populations. This all came into effect in January 2017.

In my opinion, tank mates for nautiluses should only include other invertebrates.



Blue Ring
Oh wow, I actually didn't know that. I've seen them for sale here and their. Thanks for letting me know. I guess I'll just stick with keeping octopus.

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