Nautilidae arround Indonesia

Kuncoro Wibowo

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recently I've been looking for information concerning Nautilidae.
What species that can be found in Indonesia?

Also I'd like to know if there's any species that is endemic to waters arround Indonesia? Which species and where can they be found?
Wikipedia says that Allonautilus perforatus is a species of nautilus native to the waters around Bali, Indonesia. Is that true?



Sepia elegans
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From what I can tell, there should be several species of nautilus around Indonesia, including Nautilus pompilius. I will look into this a bit more, but I agree with DWhatley, Greg has the most knowledge on this subject.


Sepia elegans
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I got your PM so hopefully you got my message. Sorry for not seeing this earlier. It has been a busy couple of weeks...

It's hard to say whether any nautiluses are endemic to Indonesia. There are definitely nautiluses there that are most likely restricted to local populations in Indonesia, but the species found in Indonesia are similar to other species around the Indo-Pacific. The term species also is only used for two nautiluses, Allonautilus scrobiculatus and Nautilus macromphalus. All other "species", like Nautilus pompilius are not different enough to be called distinct species based on recent genetic analysis.

Are you looking for information for any specific reason? Any other questions?


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