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I like your work very much! I especially appreciate your "nautalis-vs-ammonite", & "brachiopods-vs-bivalves" sketches. Also, color is your friend! I know it's use is often frowned upon in certain sketching situations, but you seem to make good use of it. Have you ever considered sculpting? There's a gentleman by the name of Eric Thorsen who has his work posted in at least one gallery here; if you did a site-search for "paleobiology" I think you'd find it, & perhaps be inspired. Thanks for the link, ill be following your work!


Colossal Squid
Very nice! looks bit like my notebooks, drawing is such a great idea for visualising concepts. Colour can be good but remember that if you go on to work in this area, scientific drawings don't use colour (or shading, you can tell I teach sci drawing :grin:) but scientific illustrations do!!!!!


Blue Ring
They look great, my favorite is the Ammonite Reconstruction. Youre Sketches are good but if you want to have really good computer art get a tablet thingy that you can draw and and it sends it to computer, its useful because computer art is really hard. Good luck in your farther drawings!
thanks! i do color sometimes, but i consider most of my sketches practice rather finished products, so only a few get the final treatement. im planning on doing a colored reconstruction of Devonian in life as soon as i acquire some colored wax pencils. i remember my ceramics professor recommending i take up sculpting instead, but i was unable to enroll for the next semester. hopefully ill be able to develop my skills on my own time.


Colossal Squid
Hi Wafflez777, I have friends who did Masters in Science Illustration at UC santa Cruz (I think, all the UC's confuse this Kiwi!!:roll:) what they can do with a tablet is just magical! I have one but I admit I'm strugging with it, I think I just love my pens too much, but you've inspired me to have another go!!!

Pr0teus, wax pencils are fun, but you might consider ink pencils too, they behave like watercolour pencils but the colour is much more intense! I know they also have inktense blocks but I've never seen those in NZ I'd certainly love to try them, I have dabbled with water colour pans too (pardon the pun!)

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