My mollies gave birth!!!


as of about tuesday there have been lttle baby mollies (black) swimming about my tank. Although i am very happy that this had happened i have no idea what to do.
Will the other fish eat them?
Will the filter suck them up?

someone please help me. i have no clue how to take care of them.


Colossal Squid
the other fish may try to eat them but baby mollies will try to hide as best they can.

They probably wont get sucked into the filter

All you need to do is to keep doing what you are doing and perhaps crumples the flake food into dust for them to eat, but i wouldnt feed much more food than you do now... they'll be fine



ok thanks Colin il just keep doing what what iv been doing, but i still have a couple more questions. :)

Should i use one of those little baby fish net things that go inside of the tank to keep them "safe?"

When im siphoning my water out will they get drawn into the siphon when im cleaning my sand (they like to hang around the bottom of the tank)?

Thanks in advanced


RT that's terriffic, I think the babies will be ok, Colin hit the nail on the head, just keep doing what you are doing. The other fish will try to eat them, but this happens in nature also, and the population isn't in any distress that I am awere of.

Congrats once again.

Felix, El Gato!

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