My eggs have hatched!


I contacted you guys a couple of weeks ago when my octo laid eggs, The idea was that she was a vulgarus and looking at images i think thats probably correct. But now what? I have all foods available from nanoclorithipus to mysids, but not sure what to try to feed i know you guys thought they were small eggs but i have to give it the ol college try any ideas? tried to take some pics but theyre not turning out sorry



How are they doing? Any luck with them feeding? Any photos yet? So curious on your little ones. Have you started a journal yet or thinking about it? Hope all is going well.


First let me say that I am copletely jealous. I have almost all the needed supplies at my despossal but I am without viable eggs. That being said I wish you the best of luck and how you are successful. How many hatchlings do you have? How large(or small) are they?

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