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Discussion in 'Cuttlefish Care' started by ErikHarrison, Aug 6, 2008.

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    Hello all. I was on here several months ago, and now I am proud to say that I am on my way, soon to have cuttle babies....

    My tank is a 48g cube with black siliconed corners with a Current USA Sundial 4x24w T5 in addition to another 2x24w Current fixture. The skimmer is a Euro Reef RS-80, and the tank is drilled twice with 2x2" holes drilled for a Calfo-style overflow with all black painted dursos! :madsci: It has about 2" of sand and about 70 lbs of rock. The return is split for two outlets, and I have a koralia #4 in there temporarily until I can purchase a couple of #2s. Here are some pics, they aren't completely up to date, but close enough. I already have zoas and rics in there, and they are doing well. I plan on adding alot of macro algae, but I am unsure of the biotope of the sepia, and I would like macros that are prevalent to their native regions.

    Here are some pics!

    Front view..... :) It is now more illuminated, as this was only with 2x24w T5s. There are 6 now.

    I love EuroReef!

    Side View

    Thanks for looking! All advice/comments allowed and appreciated.
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    Looking good.

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