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Mre on Lazarus


Staff member
Nov 20, 2002
Dallas Texas
Nice views of Lazarus. He looks like he owns the tank (and I guess he does.) Can he see his own reflection?

Yes, I see the gorgonian - Will thinks I should have another try at a gorgonian in my small tank. I had one that did well, except that the crabs kept climbing to the top and breaking it off. Maybe this one is sturdier.


William Tyson

Aug 15, 2005
yes he chases his reflection, it was one of the things i was worried about at first, because he sometimes charges the glass. he does own the tank ( he even charges my hand if i annoy him) along with his bullying of the brittle star in the tank.(he will pull it off of the glass/powerhead and toss it on the ground. for the gorgonian i will superglue( if you have questions run a search on reefcentral for superglue/coral) which should stop your crabs/snails from moving it.
ohh btw Nancy since i got home i have been thinking of ideas for your tanks.

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