Mosquito Larva?


What do you guys think about using live mosquito larve as a food for cuttlefish hatchlings? I was thinking of just putting a 5 gallon bucket out on my back porch for about a day, and then let the mosquitoes do their thing... Then just throw the larva in the net breeders in my tank with the dwarf cuttle hatchlings. Any suggestions or comments? Do you guys think the cuttles would eat the larva? Would it be safe?


Colossal Squid
They will take frozen mysids, which are not that expensive. The preferred foods of cephalopods are crustaceans and fish. While mosquitos belong to the arthropod class like crustaceans, I would guess that crustaceans have a different nutritional make-up than mosquito larva.

Baby cuttlefish are extremely hard to raise, I wouldn't risk trying a new food with them, when it has been proven that mysids are the best food for newly hatched cuttles.

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