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    Hey Everyone,

    This is mainly for the Canadian TONMO members, though international support is always needed.
    Today, Monday October 30th, 2006 is Moratorium Monday! I'm sure you are all well aware of the devastating practise known as bottom trawling. Perhaps you have heard that there is a proposed moratorium on it? But do you know that Canada is still against this moratorium? Does that not irritate you slightly? (For a good article on the topic)

    If you, like many other Canadians, are getting annoyed at the lack of foresight being displayed by Canadian politicians on this issue, consider Moratorium Monday!

    You have several options...............
    a) Join Dalhousie students, profs, and staff as they stand at the corner of Spring Garden and Robie (Halifax, Nova Scotia) at 12 p.m. on Moratorium Monday with signs expressing their support for a moratorium. Similar demonstrations will be occurring that day in Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto (Sorry, could not find a website with the details). Please contact Tyler at if you are interested

    b) Write an e-mail to Loyola Hearn (, Canada's Fisheries Minister, to express your opinion

    c) Write a letter to the editor of your local paper concerning the bottom-trawling moratorium

    d) Join David Suzuki, Martin Willison, Ram Myers, Hal Whitehead, Bob
    Scheibling, Farley Mowat, and other Canadians by posting a photo of support on the blog Send photos to

    WHY: To demonstrate to Prime Minister Harper, Fisheries Minister Loyola
    Hearn, the Conservative Party, and the international community that
    Canadians are disappointed that our government is ignoring scientists,
    fishermen, and other countries - including the United States - in its
    opposition to a U.N. moratorium. It is time to give Minister Hearn reason to reverse his decision and take this small step to protect the high seas
    seamounts, coral reefs, and other fish habitat.

    I will be at the Halifax demonstration, along with members of the Dalhousie Association of Marine Students, Dal profs, staff, etc. Come on out and show your support!

    For more information, contact Tyler Schulz at

    I apologize for the short notice.


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