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i was thinking about putting in a mirror behind my tank to give the illusion of size and was wondering how this would affect an octopus. my first one died after many months so i dont know for sure what species ill be getting next, but i wanted to know it if would irritate it before i looked into it any further.

on a side note ive read some eels and octopuses can live in peace and was wondering how a snowflake eel would fare. if i had enough at feeding time would they still dispute food and territory?


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Maya seemed to react (and attacked) what we think was her reflection in the tank. I was going to put a mirror out to see if that is what she was doing but forgot to try it tonight. My merc would not go to the side of the tank where I had one set up but as soon as I removed it he started using that side again as he traveled the tank.

I remembered a YouTube video with an octo and a snowflake that will graphically answer your question about mixing a snowflake and an octopus, however, we have had several members successfully keep a ribbon and an octo and I have considered the combination myself. In the two cases I remember, the ribbon was well established before the octo was introduced. I have not ruled out trying this combination but I have always kept my octos in a species only tank and am hesitant to try.

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