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MiniCon: Atlanta, GA Garrett and Fred Kuest


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Sep 4, 2006
Gainesville, GA
Jana, son Garrett and husband Fred had planned to make a spring break southern sweep last year to see family members and part of the country. We made tentative plans to meet up in Atlanta and go to the aquarium. That trip was cancelled with the hopes or reschduling for spring break 2012. For those unfamiliar with Jana's Corner Jana died in a car crash before the rescheduled meeting could happen. Garrett and Fred made the trip this year and I know Jana was with Garrett, Fred, Neal and me in spirit as we ventured through the aquarium.

Meet Up - In spite of growing a lot in the 3 years since the last pictures of Garrett with OhToo I was able to spot the duo easily in our arranged meeting place (the squid shirt, Squiddy on his wrist and bright green ball cap did not hurt though :grin:

We had a new GPO with a much bettered filtered exhibit since my last visit

Garrett has a wrist buddy named Squiddy and the Penguins seemed to think it was pretty authentic looking

You can't claim to have truly been to Atlanta if you have never dined at a particular establishment on North Avenue (the main street entrance to the North Avenue Trade School AKA GA Tech) so we ate an early supper at the Varsity



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May 30, 2000
*just* seeing this. Great that you got together for this D!!

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