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Sep 4, 2006
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Gainesville, GA
TONMO members have published numerous cephalopod papers over the years. This thread is an attempt to keep a reference list. If you have a published work, please start a post beginning with your member name followed by your Author name and any references you wish to display. I will attempt to keep items current as they show up on my Google scholar scans but by originating the post, supporters can also update/edit their own list.

Thank you!

Note: videos/podcasts of lectures, unreviewed works, and articles count too!

Note: Feel free to comment on other members' works. To keep the list as a list, I will delete the comment after adding it as a note to the sited work.


Colossal Squid
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Jan 22, 2004
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@Thales - Richard Ross

2017 MACNA The Right Kind of Lazy

Journal publications – Rich Ross

2017 Search for the Flapjack Octopus Richard Ross Reef Magazine Winter 2017

2015 Behavior and Body Patterns of the Larger Pacific Striped Octopus
Roy L. Caldwell, Richard Ross, Arcadio Rodaniche, Christine L. Huffard

2014 Collection, Transoport and Husbandry of the Coconut Octopus, Amphioctopus marginatus, from the Philippines Bart Shepherd, Richard Ross, and Marisa Avila 2014 (full text)

2010 Drum and Croaker Vol 41 pg 8 Display, Husbandry and Breeding of Dwarf Cuttle, Sepia bandensis, at the California Academy of Sciences[/URL]
2009Sepia bandensis: husbandry and breeding TONMO Articles->Cephalopod Care Articles
2008Individually Unique Body Color Patterns in Octopus (Wunderpus photogenicus) Allow for Photoidentification
2005Keeping and Breeding Dwarf Cuttlefish TONMO Articles->Cephalopod Care Articles
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Sepia elegans
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Feb 1, 2007
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Des Moines, Iowa
gjbarord - Gregory J. Barord

2018 Cephalopods Reference Module in Earth SYstems and Environmental Sciences 2018. Gregory Jeff Barord, P. Boyle

2017 Culture Methods of the Grass Shrimp, Palaemonetes sp
Drum and Croaker Volume 48, page 22
Hanna Walker, Laboratory Assistant, Gregory J. Barord, PhD, Marine Biology Instructor,

2016 A revisited phylogeography of Nautilus pompilius
Lauren E. Vandepas, Frederick D. Dooley, Gregory J. Barord, Billie J. Swalla, Peter D. Ward

2016 Nautilus: biology, systematics, and paleobiology as viewed from 2015
Peter Ward, Frederick Dooley, Gregory Jeff Barord

2015 On the biology, behavior, and conservation of the chambered nautilus, Nautilus Barord, Gregory Jeff, Ph.D., CITY UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK, 2015, 96 pages; 3729078 (Dissertation)

2014 Numbering the Nautiluses: The Quest to Save A Living Fossil

2014 Comparative Population Assessments of Nautilus sp. in the Philippines, Australia, Fiji, and American Samoa Using Baited Remote Underwater Video SystemsGregory J. Barord, Frederick Dooley, Andrew Dunstan, Anthony Ilano, Karen N. Keister, Heike Neumeister, Thomas Preuss, Shane Schoepfer, Peter D. Ward



2012 A synthetic approach to the study of learning and memory in Chambered Nautilus (Cephalopoda: Nautiloidea).

2011 Drum and Croaker Vol 42 pg 20 Post-Mortem Analysis of Cuttlebones Provides Critical Insight into the Natural History of Captive Cuttlefish, Sepia

2010 Determining the effects of stocking density and temperature on growth and food consumption in the pharaoh cuttlefish, Sepia pharaonis, Ehrenberg 1890

2010 Drum and Croaker Vol 41 pg 71 Snarfgugglins

2009 Drum and Croaker Vol 40 pg 12 BZZZ

2007 Tropical Fish Hobbyist Magazine Aquarium Science: Husbandry of the Nautilus: Aspects of its Biology, Behavior, and Care Adam Daw and Gregory J. Barord
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Nov 19, 2002
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Tintenfisch - Kat Bolstad

New Zealand’s Colossal Squid is No Joke | Object of Intrigue | Atlas Obscura

Alexander Remeslo, Valentin Yukhov, Kathrin Bolstad, Vladimir Laptikhovsky
Distribution and biology of the colossal squid, Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni: New data from depredation in toothfish fisheries and sperm whale stomach contents [2019]

Heather Braid , Kathrin Bolstad
Cephalopod biodiversity of the Kermadec Islands: implications for conservation and some future taxonomic priorities [2018]

Kat S.R. Bolstad, Heather E. Braid, Jan M. Strugnell, Annie R. Lindgren, Alexandra Lischka, Tsunemi Kubodera, Vlad L. Laptikhovsky, Alvaro Roura Labiaga
A mitochondrial phylogeny of the family Onychoteuthidae Gray, 1847 (Cephalopoda: Oegopsida) (2018)

Rui Rosa, Vanessa M. Lopes, Miguel Guerreiro, Kathrin Bolstad, José C. Xavier
Biology and ecology of the world’s largest invertebrate, the colossal squid (Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni): a short review [2017]

HE Braid, T Kubodera, KSR Bolstad - Marine Biodiversity,
One step closer to understanding the chiroteuthid families in the Pacific Ocean [2017]

HE Braid & KSR Bolstada
Systematics of the Mastigoteuthidae Verrill, 1881 (Cephalopoda: Oegopsida) from New Zealand waters [2015]

Bolstad, K. S., Braid, H. E., & McBride, P. D. Molecular phylogenetic analysis of the squid family Mastigoteuthidae (Mollusca, Cephalopoda) based on three mitochondrial genes [2014].

Hoving HJ, Perez JA, Bolstad KS, Braid HE, Evans AB, Fuchs D, Judkins H, Kelly JT, Marian JE6, Nakajima R7, Piatkowski U, Reid A, Vecchione M, Xavier JC (2014) The study of deep-sea cephalopods Advances in Marine Biology

Bolstad, K. S. R., Perez, J. A. A., Strugnell, J. M., & Vidal, E. A. G. (2014) Cranchiids of the South Atlantic Mid-Oceanic Ridge: results from the first southern MAR-ECO expedition. Journal of Natural History.

Evans, A. B., & Bolstad, K. S. R. (2014) Ecology and ontogeny of the cranchiid squid Teuthowenia pellucida in New Zealand waters Journal of Natural History.

2012 Sneaky Squid with Kat Bolstad, Aukland Museum

Braid, H. E., McBride, P. D., & Bolstad, K. S. R. (2013). Molecular phylogenetic analysis of the squid family Mastigoteuthidae (Mollusca, Cephalopoda) based on three mitochondrial genes. Hydrobiologia (online first), 1-20.

Bolstad, K. S. R., & Hoving, H. J. T. (2011). Spermatangium structure and implantation sites in onychoteuthid squids (Cephalopoda: Oegopsida). Marine Biodiversity Records, 4(e5).

Bolstad, K. S. R. (2010) Systematics of the Onychoteuthidae Gray, 1847 (Cephalopoda: Oegopsida). Zootaxa 2696, 1-186.

Hoving, H. J. T., Lipinski, M. R., Videler, J. J., & Bolstad, K. S. R. (2010). Sperm storage in females of the deep-sea squid Taningia danae Joubin, 1931 (Oegopsida: Octopoteuthidae. Marine Biology, 157(2), 393-400.

2010 Onychoteuthis Tree of Life

2010 Onychoteuthida Tree of Life

Bolstad, K. S. (2008). A global revision of the hooked squids, family Onychoteuthidae. The Malacologist, 50, 17-18.

Laptikhovsky, V., Arkhipkin, A., & Bolstad, K. S. (2008). A second species of the squid genus Kondakovia (Cephalopoda: Onychoteuthidae) from the sub-Antarctic. Polar Biology, 32(1), 21-26. doi:10.1007/s00300-008-0497-x

Bolstad, K. S. (2008). Two new species and a review of the squid genus Onychoteuthis Lichtenstein, 1818 (Oegopsida: Onychoteuthidae) from the Pacific Ocean. Bulletin of Marine Science, 83, 481-529.

2008 Giant Squid and Colossal Squid Fact Sheet TONMO Articles->Cephalopod Science Articles

2008 Onychoteuthis lacrima Tree of Life

2008 Onychoteuthis prolata Tree of Life

2008 Onychoteuthis banksii Tree of Life

Bolstad, K. (2007). Systematics and distribution of the New Zealand onychoteuthid fauna (Cephalopoda: Oegopsida), including a new species, Notonykia nesisi sp. nov. Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries, 17, 305-335.

2007 Onychoteuthis meridiopacifica Tree of Life

O'Shea, S., Jackson, G., & Bolstad, K. (2007). The nomenclatural status, ontogeny and morphology of Pholidoteuthis massyae (Pfeffer, 1912) new comb (Cephalopoda: Pholidoteuthidae). Reviews in Fish Biology and Fisheries, 17, 425-435.
Bolstad, K. S. (2006). Sexual dimorphism in the beaks of Moroteuthis ingens Smith, 1881 (Cephalopoda: Oegopsida: Onychoteuthidae). New Zealand Journal of Zoology, 33(4), 317-327.

O'Shea, S., Bolstad, K., & Ritchie, P. A. (2004). First records of egg masses of Nototodarus gouldi McCoy, 1888 (Mollusca: Cephalapoda: Ommastrephidae), with comments on egg-mass susceptibility to damage by fisheries trawl. New Zealand Journal of Zoology, 31, 161-166.

Bolstad, K., & O'Shea, S. (2004). Gut contents of a giant squid Architeuthis dux (Cephalopoda: Oegopsida) from New Zealand waters. New Zealand Journal of Zoology, 31, 15-21.

2003 Deep-Sea Cephalopods: An Introduction and Overview TONMO Articles->Cephalopod Science Articles
Bolstad, K. S., & Kensley, B. (1999). Two new species of Hansenium (Crustacea: Isopoda: Asellota) from Madang, Papua New Guinea. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, 112(1), 164-174.
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Nov 19, 2002
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somewhere under the desert sky
Architeuthoceras - Kevin G. Bylund

Ammonoids and nautiloids from the earliest Spathian Paris Biota and other early Spathian localities in southeastern Idaho, USA Presented by Gilles Escarguel, panel Arnaud Brayard. James F.Jenks, Kevin G.Bylund, the Paris Biota Team

2018 Multiple sulfur isotope signals associated with the late Smithian event and the Smithian/Spathian boundary panel C.Thomazo, A.Brayard, S. Elmeknassi, E. Vennin. N.Olivier, G.Caravaca, G.Escarguel, E.Fara, K.G.Bylund, F.Jenks. D.A.Stephen, B.Killingsworth, P.Sansjofre, P.Cartigny

2018 An Early Triassic gladius associated with soft tissue remains from Idaho, USA—a squid-like coleoid cephalopod at the onset of Mesozoic Era LARISA A. DOGUZHAEVA, ARNAUD BRAYARD, NICOLAS GOUDEMAND, LAUREL J. KRUMENACKER, JAMES F. JENKS, KEVIN G. BYLUND, EMMANUEL FARA, NICOLAS OLIVIER, EMMANUELLE VENNIN, and GILLES ESCARGUEL

2018 Palaeobiogeographical distribution of Smithian (Early Triassic) ammonoid faunas within the western USA basin and its controlling parameters
Romain Jattiot, Arnaud Brayard, Hugo Bucher, Emmanuelle Vennin, GwénaËl Caravaca, James F. Jenks,
Kevin G. Bylund, Gilles Escarguel

2018 Late Smithian microbial deposits and their lateral marine fossiliferous limestones (Early Triassic, Hurricane Cliffs, Utah, USA) Nicolas Olivier, Emmanuel Fara, Emmanuelle Vennin, Kevin G. Bylund, James F. Jenks, Gilles Escarguel, Daniel A. Stephen, Nicolas Goudemand, Dawn Snyder, Christophe Thomazo, Arnaud Brayard

2018 Early Triassic environmental dynamics and microbial development during the Smithian–Spathian transition (Lower Weber Canyon, Utah, USA) - Sedimentary Geology, Grosjean, Anne-Sabine; Vennin, Emmanuelle; Olivier, Nicolas; Caravaca, Gwénaël; Thomazo, Christophe; Fara, Emmanuel; Escarguel, Gilles; Bylund, Kevin G.; Jenks, James F.; Stephen, Daniel A.; Brayard, Arnaud

2017 Superstesaster promissor gen. et sp. nov., a new starfish (Echinodermata, Asteroidea) from the Early Triassic of Utah, USA, filling a major gap in the phylogeny of asteroids, Loïc Villier, Arnaud Brayard, Kevin G. Bylund, James F. Jenks, Gilles Escarguel, Nicolas Olivier, Daniel A. Stephen, Emmanuelle Vennin, and Emmanuel Fara, Journal Of Systematic Palaeontology

2017 Marine Early Triassic Actinopterygii from Elko County (Nevada, USA): implications for the Smithian equatorial vertebrate eclipse
Carlo Romano, James F. Jenks, Romain Jattiot, Torsten M. Scheyer, Kevin G. Bylund, Hugo Bucher

2017 Controlling factors for differential subsidence in the Sonoma Foreland Basin (Early Triassic, western USA),Gwénaël Caravaca, Arnaud Brayard, Emmanuelle Vennin, Michel Guiraud, Laetitia Le Pourhiet, Anne-Sabine Grosjean, Christophe Thomazo, Nicolas Olivier, Emmanuel Fara, Gilles Escarguel, Kevin G Bylund, James F Jenks, Daniel A Stephen, Geological Magazine

2017 Early Triassic fluctuations of the global carbon cycle: New evidence from paired carbon isotopes in the western USA basin
Gwénaël Caravaca, Christophe Thomazo, Emmanuelle Vennin, Nicolas Olivier, Théophile Cocquerez, Gilles Escargue. Emmanuel Fara, James F. Jenks, Kevin G. Bylund, Daniel A. Stephen, Arnaud Brayard

2017 Smithian ammonoid faunas from northeastern Nevada: implications for Early Triassic biostratigraphy and correlation within the western USA basin
Romain Jattiot, Hugo Bucher, Arnaud Brayard, Morgane Brosse, James F. Jenks, Kevin G. Bylund

Unexpected Early Triassic marine ecosystem and the rise of the Modern evolutionary fauna
Arnaud Brayard,L. J. Krumenacker,Joseph P. Botting,James F. Jenks, Kevin G. Bylund, Emmanuel Fara, Emmanuelle Vennin, Nicolas Olivier, Nicolas Goudemand, Thomas Saucède, Sylvain Charbonnier, Carlo Romano, Larisa Doguzhaeva, Ben Thuy, Michael Hautmann, Daniel A. Stephen, Christophe Thomazo, Gilles Escarguel

2016 A diagenetic control on the Early Triassic Smithian–Spathian carbon isotopic excursions recorded in the marine settings of the Thaynes Group (Utah, USA)
C. Thomazo, E. Vennin, A. Brayard, I. Bour, O. Mathieu, S. Elmeknassi, N. Olivier, G. Escarguel, K. G. Bylund, J. Jenks, D. A. Stephen, E. Fara

2015 Microbial deposits in the aftermath of the end-Permian mass extinction: A diverging case from the Mineral Mountains (Utah, USA)
Emmanuelle Vennin1,Nicolas Olivier, Arnaud Brayard, Ivan Bour, Christophe Thomazo, Gilles Escarguel, Emmanuel Fara, Kevin G. Bylund, James F. Jenks,
Daniel A. Stephen, Richard Hofmann

2014 Smithian shoreline migrations and depositional settings in Timpoweap Canyon (Early Triassic, Utah, USA) NICOLAS OLIVIER, ARNAUD BRAYARD, EMMANUEL FARA, KEVIN G. BYLUND, JAMES F. JENKS, EMMANUELLE VENNIN, DANIEL A. STEPHEN, GILLES ESCARGUELGeological Magazine FirstView Article pp 1-18

Hofmann, R., Hautmann, M., Brayard, A., Nützel, A., Bylund, K. G., Jenks, J. F., Vennin, E., Olivier, N., Bucher, H., 2014, Recovery of benthic marine communities from the end-Permian mass extinction at the low latitudes of eastern Panthalassa. Palaeontology

Brayard, A., Bylund, K. G., Jenks, J., Stephen, D. A., Olivier, N., Escarguel, G., Fara, E. &Vennin, E., 2013. Smithian ammonoid faunas from Utah: implications for Early Triassic biostratigraphy, correlations and basinal paleogeography. Swiss Journal of Paleontology. 132:141-219.

Daniel A. Stephen, Kevin G. Bylund, Patricia Garcia, R. Dawn McShinsky, Holley Jean Carter, 2012, Taphonomy of dense concentrations of juvenile ammonoids in the Upper Cretaceous Mancos Shale, east-central Utah, USA. Geobios 45(1):121-128.

Arnaud Brayard, Emmanuelle Vennin, Nicolas Olivier, Kevin G. Bylund, Jim Jenks, Daniel A. Stephen, Hugo Bucher, Richard Hofmann, Nicolas Goudemand & Gilles Escarguel, 2011, Transient metazoan reefs in the aftermath of the end-Permian mass extinction, Nature Geoscience, Vol. 4, no. 10. See the Science Daily story

Arnaud Brayard, Alexander Nützel, Andrzej Kaim, Gilles Escarguel, Michael Hautmann, Daniel A. Stephen, Kevin G. Bylund, Jim Jenks, and Hugo Bucher, 2011, Gastropod evidence against the Early Triassic Lilliput effect: REPLY Geology, v. 39, p. e233

Arnaud Brayard, Alexander Nützel, Daniel A. Stephen, Kevin G. Bylund, Jim Jenks, and Hugo Bucher, 2010, Gastropod evidence against the Early Triassic Lilliput effect, Geology , v. 38, no. 2, p. 147-150. See the story on Science Daily

Daniel A. Stephen, Kevin G. Bylund, Paul J. Bybee and Wesley J. Ream, 2010, Ammonoid Beds in the Lower Triassic Thaynes Formation of western Utah, USA, in: Cephalopods – Present and Past, edited by K. Tanabe, Y. Shigeta and T. Sasaki & H. Hirano. Tokai University Press, Tokyo, p. 243-252

2010 Morphology of Fossil Cephalopod Shells TONMO Articles->Cephalopod Fossil Articles

Pisera, Andrzej, Rigby, J. Keith and Bylund, Kevin, 1996, Lower Triassic Hexactinellid Sponges from the Confusion Range, Western Utah: Brigham Young University Geology Studies, vol. 27, pt 2 Download a copy Here[/B]
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Nov 20, 2002
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Dallas Texas
Nancy - Nancy King

2008 Dunlop, Colin and Nancy King. Cephalopods: Octopuses and Cuttlefish for the Home Aquarium

2004 Before You Get An Octopus as a Pet... TONMO Articles->Cephalopod Care Articles

2003 Octopus Basics - Keeping an Octopus as a Pet TONMO Articles->Cephalopod Care Articles

2003 Is Octopus Ink Similar to Fountain Pen Ink? TONMO Articles->Other Cephy Articles

2002 Visit to the NRCC (2002) TONMO Articles->Other Cephy Articles

200? Octopus bimaculoides Care Sheet TONMO Articles->Cephalopod Care Articles


Jan 19, 2007
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Robyn - Robyn J Crook

2019 Early-life injury produces lifelong neural hyperexcitability, cognitive deficit and altered defensive behaviour in the squid Euprymna scolopes Ryan B. Howard, Lauren N. Lopes, Christina R. Lardie, Paul P. Perez, Robyn J. Crook

2018 Ontogenetic and experience-dependent changes in defensive behavior in captive-bred Hawaiian Bobtail Squid, Euprymna scolopes Frontiers in Physiology Kia Seehafer, Samantha Brophy, Sara R. Tom, Robyn J. Crook

2017 In vivo recording of neural and behavioral correlates of anesthesia induction, reversal, and euthanasia in cephalopod molluscs. Robyn J. Crook, Hanna M Butler-Struben, Samantha M. Brophy, Nasira A. Johnson

2017 The selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor fluoxetine increases spontaneous afferent firing, but not mechanonociceptive sensitization, in octopus Paul V. Perez, Hanna M. Butler-Struben, Robyn J. Crook

2017 Identifying cephalopod ‘pain’ through measures of neural and behavioral plasticity after injury Cephalopod Science from Biology to Welfare Heraklion, Greece

2016 Peripheral injury alters schooling behavior in squid, Doryteuthis pealeii
Megumi Oshimaa,Theodor Di Pauli von Treuheim, Julia Carroll,Roger T Hanlon,Edgar T Walters,
Robyn J Crook

2014 Cephalopod Cognition Chapter 2 Evolution of Behavioral and Neural Complexity: Learning and Memory in Chambered Nautilus
Jennifer Basil, Robyn Crook

2014 Neuroethology: Self-Recognition Helps Octopuses Avoid Entanglement RJ Crook, ET Walters - Current Biology

2014 Nociceptive Sensitization Reduces Predation Risk Robyn J. Crook, Katharine Dickson, Roger T. Hanlon, Edgar T. Walters

Alupay, J.S., Hadjisolomou, S.P and Crook, R.J. (2014). Arm injury produces long-term behavioral and neural hypersensitivity in octopus. Neurosci. Lett. 558, 137-142

Crook, R.J., Hanlon, R.T. and Walters, E.T. (2013). Squid have nociceptors that display long term sensitization and spontaneous activity after bodily injury. J. Neurosci. 33(24) 10021-10026 (featured in ‘Outside JEB’, ‘’)

Crook, R.J. (2013). The welfare of invertebrates in research: Can science’s next generation improve their lot? (Invited review) J. Postdoct. Res. 1(2), 9-20

Crook, R.J., and Basil, J.A. (2013). Flexible spatial orientation and navigational strategies in Chambered Nautilus. Ethology, 119(1), 77-85

Wardill, T., Gonzalez-Bellido, P., Crook, R.J. and Hanlon, R.T. (2012) Neural control of tunable skin iridescence in squid. Proc R. Soc. B, 279(1745) 4243-4252

Basil, J.A., Barord, G., Crook, R.J., Derman, R., Ju, C.H., Travis, L. and Vargas, T. (2012) A synthetic approach to the study of learning and memory in Chambered Nautilus (Cephalopoda: Nautiloidea). Vie Et Milieaux, 61(4) 231-242

Crook, R.J., Lewis, T., Hanlon, R.T and Walters, E.T. (2011).Peripheral injury produces long-term sensitization of responses to tactile and visual stimuli in squid, Loligo pealei. J. Exp. Biol. 214, 3173-3185

Crook, R.J. and Walters, E.T. (2011). Nociceptive behavior and physiology in Molluscs: Animal welfare implications. ILAR. 52 (2) 185-195

Crook, R.J., Hanlon, R.T and Basil, J.A. (2009). Memory of visual and topographical features suggests spatial learning in the ancient cephalopod, nautilus (Nautilus pompilius L.). J. Comp. Psych. 3 264-274

Crook, R.J., and Basil, J. (2008). A role for nautilus in studies of the evolution of brain and behavior (Invited review). Comm. Int. Bio. 1: 61-62

Crook, R.J. and Basil, J.A. (2008). A biphasic memory curve in the Chambered Nautilus, Nautilus pompilius L. (Cephalopoda: Nautiloidea) J. Exp. Biol. 211: 1992-1998 (Article featured in Nature Research Highlights, ScienceDaily, ScienceBlogs)
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Nov 14, 2002
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Colin - Colin Dunlop

2008 Cephalopods: Octopuses and Cuttlefish for the Home Aquarium

200? Ceph Care Equipment List TONMO Articles->Cephalopod Care Articles

2004 Before you buy a cuttlefish.... TONMO Articles->Cephalopod Care Articles

2003 Keeping cephalopods in captivity TONMO Articles->Cephalopod Care Articles

2003 Cuttlefish Basics - Keeping a Cuttlefish as a Pet TONMO Articles->Cephalopod Care Articles

2002 Do Octopuses Commit Suicide? TONMO Articles->Other Cephy Articles

2002 Visit to the NRCC (2002) TONMO Articles->Other Cephy Articles
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