Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus


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I was just channel surfing and saw a shark snag a 747 right out of the sky, laughed so hard I knocked the lamp over and busted the TV, I guess I'll miss the rest.:cry:


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Well just darn, I will have to ask Neal if he saw it in the list of coming attractions and DVRed it.


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I bought the movie (it was available on DVD before it "premiered" on SyFy) and loaned it to a couple of co-workers. We enjoy pretending to mix colored liquids together while making our best "I'm doing science" faces.

Obvious errors (besides the movie's entire premise, too easy)- close-ups of Debbie "Deborah" Gibson's hands while piloting the sub in the beginning show black nail polish. Shots from further back show she's not wearing any. Also, the close-up hands are veiny to the point of resembling Madonna's.

Anyone spot any others?

For more sea-life science massacres, I recommend "Meg: Hell's Aquarium." Here be the trailer for the book:

Please, someone make this into a movie... Pretty please? [For those unfamiliar, the Meg series chronicles the discovery and captive holding of live Megalodons.]


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ohh my god ... i just saw a Trailer on this French website ...

if you can read French or translate it to english : I suggest you going to ( but pictures are enough too understand, but text is also excellent)

This site is talking exclusively about this kind of movies ( z movies but brillant or not etc ...including of course numerous shark octopuses, or sea monsters ) .

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