Medications in octopus tank


Hi I am presently have a 210 gallon tank that I have used for octopi and will be again when the opurtunity presents itself. Right now I have an angel and wrasse in it that I want to medicate with praziquantel. It's used to kill parasites like worms and flukes. I've used it effectively in my main system which has a shark and other fish. Does anyone have any experience with medications and there effect on octopus. Of course I would do a large water change once fish are treated and are put in my main system. I will also check water parameters before I obtain another octopus . Thanks for your help.


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I can't help with this one. In general, we avoid medicating ceph tanks. The write up says it can be removed with carbon and is safe for all fish and plants but does not mention invertebrates.


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I tried to look up the chemical make up - it does says it is toxic to flatworms in saltwater tanks. It appears to be carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen and oxygen. No copper, so that's encouraging.

But otherwise, have no experience with this medication.

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