maybe a stupid question, but I'm gonna ask it anyway


I already have a tank for my future octo. but it's just standing there, empty. except for a nice backside made of PU foam, Tufa rock and shells.

now before I go to buying a skimmer etc I want to know some extra things about filtrating an octotank.

for example, I have a big canisterfilter from an old f/wtank. can I use it in a marine system or not?


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What most of us are using is a wet/dry (trickle) filter in a sump and a protein skimmer.

You must avoid any equipment that has been used in tank where any copper treatment was used. This would be fatal for an octopus.

I haven't heard of anyone making this kind of transfer from FW to SW, so I don't have any specific information - maybe someone else can chime in.



my original plan was to install a canister filter and have the outflow run 2 ways. one directly in the tank to create current and one over a "trickler" installed in the hood of the tank.

but a friend of mine said this is a bad idea because this would cause nitrate to skyrocket, according to him. since I'm not that familiar with seawater, I wanted the opinion of you guys.

of course I'm also gonna install a skimmer. but this would be the simple "in-tank" model.
since it's a rather small tank (200 liter which is 50 gallons if I'm not mistaking) I think this will do.

but of course, that's just me thinking. Any comments/suggestions/tips/etc are most welcome

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