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here is the abstract :grin:
Over thirty years ago anecdotal accounts of the undescribed Larger Pacific Striped Octopus suggested behaviors previously unknown for octopuses. Beak-to-beak mating, dens shared by mating pairs, inking during mating and extended spawning were mentioned in publications, and enticed generations of cephalopod biologists. In 2012–2014 we were able to obtain several live specimens of this species, which remains without a formal description. All of the unique behaviors listed above were observed for animals in aquaria and are discussed here. We describe the behavior, body color patterns, and postures of 24 adults maintained in captivity. Chromatophore patterns of hatchlings are also shown.


Haliphron Atlanticus
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Yet another collaboration based on connections originally made on Tonmo!

It's an honor to be a part of the team that brought these discoveries to the peer-reviewed literature. The behaviors Rodaniche originally discovered were so different from what octopuses "typically" do that his observations were not well received. Some cephalopod biologists didn't believe them. Here we are, decades later, wowed by these unusual behaviors, now also documented in photos and videos. Seeing what the LPSO can do, we are led to new questions about cephalopod mating behavior, reproductive physiology, and hunting tactics. I can't help but wonder where our field of research would be now if those original works had been accepted for publication then. How many of those questions would have been answered long ago?


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