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Hi -

I've just started my PhD research on cephies in Australia - and I'm super excited! (And nervous!) I'm going to spend the next 3.5 years of my life learning everything I can about their venom systems. I will be picking your brains for the best ways to raise them, etc., as well as availability (anyone know of any breeders for cuttles in Oz???). I travel alot - so maybe I can come by and visit your tanks sometime. :smile: What else? Oh, yes! If you've been bitten by an octopus/squid/cuttle - could you tell me about the experience? THANK YOU!!!


Well, the most infamous venomous cephalopod - and really, all octopuses are venomous - is the blue-ring octopus, with Octopus mototi in second. You are located in an ideal location to scare up some dangerous octopuses.

Hie ye to the Cephalopod Care fora, and pick the brain of Dr. Roy Caldwell (Neogonodactylus), who has had the most involvement with blue-ring octopuses as far as I know of anybody on this forum.


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:welcome: I'm over in Dunedin NZ, so if you're down that way give me a PM, I might be able to arrange a visit to our public aquarium and a look at our octopus! I've been bitten a couple of times by our midget species, not too pleasant but not really dangerous either (unless you're allergic!). It was like a severe bee sting and lasted a week or so. I lost fine motor control in the effected hand, which is a real pain when you're manipulating statoliths (squid "ear" stones ~ 1mm long!!), but it does come back!


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Be careful of your mining VenomGal or you may be tempted to set up an octopus tank, the critters are addictive :wink:

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