Looking for cuttle breeders in Washington area?


Larval Mass
I'm new to this site and I'm wondering where I could maybe find some cuttlefish breeders? Or just information on keeping them in general (tank size, diet, manageability, average price). I live in Washington state. Any info?


Staff member
For starters, look in Forums->Journals and Photos->List of our Cuttlefish 2009-2010. The list contains links to the journals of cuttles recorded and many keepers are first time ceph aquarists. Most started with eggs, some had successful offspring.

Reading through some of the topics in this forum will also be helpful.

The sources for Cephalopods and and Food Forum has a sticky at the top for posting availabiity. If you subscribe to that thread and have new entries send to your email, you will be notified when someone posts egg or hatchling availability.

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