Looking for advanced giant octopus care and or books/article

Discussion in 'The Octopus' Den' started by octomo, Feb 9, 2003.

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    Feb 9, 2003
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    I am seeking research information on care of giant octopus ( Enteroctopus dofleini ) or formerly (Octopus doleini) from aquariums and people who have or had them,Seeking books articles written or handbooks available.Titles of books or authors would also be appreciated.This is for advanced keeping of giant octopus only.please do not send general care Thank You
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    Hi Octomo --

    Your best bet would be either to post this on one of the three Cephalopod Care forums, or to write Dr. Steve O'Shea directly via TONMO's private message system. Steve-O' is the quintessential ceph expert -- you may have seen him on the Discovery Channel special CHASING GIANTS which dealt with his search for an Architeuthis larva. He's also a delightful, helpful person who I'm sure could give you the best advice on GPO care.

    If you have not used the TONMO private message system before, our founder and facilitator Tony Morelli can advise you on how to do so.

    Best of luck,

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