list of wanted supplies


I would like to set up a veary nice tank for a bimac how does this sound

55 gallon tank

55 lbs. live rock/live sand


DIY skimmer

orbit 24 hour light system

10 gallon food tank

200 clams

20 crabs

2 shrimp

30 snails

glass cover

air pump

micro algea


another test kit

Kent marine RO/DI maxima Hi-s unit

alge turf scruber

varius filter media for sump

that should be everything wright?


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Hi Clownfish,

Scouse is on the right track, you need more filtration - perhaps you could use a wet-dry filter that also serves as a sump.

Would your tank be reef ready, or will you have to add an overflow?

Maybe I just missed this, but I think you're lacking a pump to return the water from the sump to the main tank. You need both a pump and a powerhead for circulation.

Does that Orbit light fixture use power compact bulbs? I ask that because I just bought one for my invertebrate tank. You don't need that much light for an octo - you can use a strip light.

That food you list there isn't going to last long for your octopus!

You will need to measure both pH and salinity. It's a lot better to have a pH meter because it's more accurate than test kits. A floating hydrometer works well enough for sg (how much salt is in the water).

After you make changes to your list, you might want to pass it by us again.



I plan to have the tank be conected to an intake and outtake pvc pipe so I can do easy water changes. the water will be atached to an fuge this should take nitrite/nitrate/and amonia after that it will go through many filter medias them finaly it will come up through the alge turf scrubber. all nitrites/amonia/and/nitrates I was told that the power heads would be pulled off or make an octopus butchury with the propeller but if that isnt true I would get a wavemaker and 4 power heads. oh ya The live rock and live sand will also help


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You don't need a wavemaker. One powerhead is good, but you must be sure the intake is covered in some way, like with mesh, so that you don't have any octo accidents.

It isn't hard to do water changes by hand (syphon the water off, then put in the water in with a pitcher. Or you can use a small pump.


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