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Well hello all, been awhile. Anyway, I was at my LFS tonight to look at some fish and they happened to have a small octopus in a display tank on the from counter. I asked about him and the guy who orders wasnt there so they had no idea where it came from. They had him for about 3 weeks and had him in a small tank(see pics) with some striped damsels that had already been in there for about a month b4 him. So far he ate 2 of the damsels and some crabs. The pics I took were the first I have taken with this phone so they are not the best. Size- his mantle seemed about 1.5 inches and his legs about 5 inches. I could not see any blue rings and I observed him for about 15 min. Any ideas?
I really wish I didnt put fish in my display tank now... :banghead:


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