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Discussion in 'The Octopus' Den' started by dl1030, Oct 7, 2005.

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    Aug 31, 2005
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    sorry for the rant, but do others have to deal with their local fish store spewing out worthless information? I dropped in last night to buy some salt and check out the fish. The store owner asked what i was doing so i told him that i was setting up a octo tank. that is when the fun started. he started laughing saying that he has had two octo's in his 15 years experience(that is 15 years experience, he told me that 10 times through out the conversation) and both died within three days. one inked and died as he took him out the bag and the other inked in his tank and died two days later. I asked what size tank and skimmer he used to clean the ink, he said that they were in a 10g tank with no skimmer and did not do a water change after the ink. I didnt want to start to argue with the guy so i left everything he said slide. but boy did it get rich. His assistant comes over and gets in on the conversation and starts telling me every reason why not to get an octo. He tells me that the ink is poisonous. I told him that they use it in cooking shows like Iron Chef and that he is getting it confused with their beak. That is when they both just started laughing hard and telling me that octo’s don’t have beaks. Even tried to get out a tiny fish encyclopedia to try to prove himself correct, only had two paragraphs about octos and 3 pictures(i was hoping for a more in depth article). Also said that a 10g tank is more than enough to hold a ‘brown octo’. Then he tells me that an octo could live in a 20oz bottle. I tell him they can fit in a 20oz bottle, but not live. I am sure after I left they continued having a chuckle back and forth about octo’s having a beak. I was their comical relief for the afternoon, oh well. Oh, almost forgot another gem. They said you could not cycle your tank unless you bought rock and water from HIM and put that in your tank. RODI water is not good enough and doesn’t compare to what they make with their filter. I HATE going to the LFS and dealing with this guy. Last time I was in there he said that DIY rock was worthless in every aspect and then tried to sell me some of his rock at a mear $12 a lb.

    cliffnotes: LFS owner told me that octo’s don’t have beaks and are impossible to keep. A 10g tank is large enough and the ink is poisonous.

    anyone from around Iowa have an octo? I love to read every post i can find on here and other sites on the net, but nothing like first hand conversation.
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    man, what ignorant basta..I meant um...ignorant idiots. But some LFS owners bluff their way in order to get more business.
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    We've had a lot of reports over the years of ignorant LFS owners and staff. Your experience is one of the worst. I wish there were a way to get information to these people but haven't come up with a good solution yet. Your LFS people sound like they wouldn't listen anyway. I don't suppose you have a big choice of LFSs where you live.

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    It is a rare thing to have any LFS that actually knows what they are talking about. Even in the bay area where we have too many LFS, I can't think on of that hasn't told me something crazy at one time or another.
    LFS are not a good place to go for reliable information on reefs or cephs.

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    I'd go one step further and say they're not a source of reliable information for setting up a goldfish bowl. Exceptions do exist, obviously, but it is frustrating to have to be so mistrusting.


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