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Discussion in 'Tank Talk' started by b25oshea, Mar 12, 2003.

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    Dec 13, 2002
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    I have noticed that many lab tanks are merely glass and filtration, with no substrate. I assume that the biological filtration only occurs in the filter. Is it possible to create such a setup in the home, or are powerful filters required?

    Michael O'Shea
  2. Colin

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    Nov 14, 2002
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    The lab tanks are normally part of a huge system where the water can be given a 100% water change everyday if need be and basic filtration is all that is required in the tank, like a small box filter. Every surface in the aquarium will be the site of some bacterial filtration but not enough to keep a ceph.

    i dont think a ceph would be particularly at home in a tank like this though but in theory it could be done... as long as you can provide a safe and enriched environment for the cephs... thats the main thing

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    Apr 19, 2003
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    :grad: In the lab, that tank you see is usualy just for a short while, the small filter provides some airation and circulation. While we observe the animal. If we are going to keep it we provide a more realistice seting. At Bamfield we had a 2" pipe along the back wall that we could screw a fiting into a valve. We would then have fresh seawater from a pipe 30' down out in the bay. The return line runs right below it and flushed out near the dock. I often observed small fish wating by the out flow to see what tasty was coming out of our labs. As far as keeping a fish be it a Ceph or anything else in a set up as described I feel it would be crule and your pet would soon die from the stress of poor living conditions. Remeber as fish keepers we try our best to replicate the animals natural enviroment in our home.

    Just my $.02
    Pacific Blue
  4. Jean

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    Nov 19, 2002
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    Dunedin, New Zealand
    Our lab tanks are on an open system with contantly fresh water (Aquarium too) The lab tanks are opaque and if we are holding cephs we do put a substrate in according to which ceph we're holding. Seems to work for all except squid :( !!!!


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