Larval Mass
I was interested in buying myself a dwarf octopus, then I see Colin's pics of a kuttlefish.......change of heart. Is there anywhere I can get the scoop on those happening creatures? Possibly a scientific name of the ones I see in the pics on this site? Thanks! :D


Colossal Squid

the pics of mine on this site are all Sepia officinalis. They are more tricky to keep than an octopus and require a much larger system! With a big (read HUGE) filter and skimmer if you want to keep them properly.

It is VERY difficult to get cuttlefish in the US. They travel poorly and most for sale are a species called S. bandensis from Indonesia which is normally imported as an adult at 3" or so long and dies shortly afterwards of old age. many die during transport!

I noticed that you are 'master of planted tanks and stingrays'! That is the other part of my hobby just now too. Got a website or pictures. I curently have a 36x30x30" planted tank and a P. hitrix. What have you?


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